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Лучшие онлайн казино 2020 года с офф. лицензией:
  • Сол Казино
    Сол Казино

    1 место по бонусам и Джекпотам! Моментальные выплаты.

  • Фрэш Казино
    Фрэш Казино

    Весенний дизайн и огромные бонусы! Быстрые выплаты! – online cryptocurrency dice game

Duckdice is not your average dice game. The casino offers Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin with a simple and exquisite interface. With the constant competition from other casinos, does Duckdice have what it takes to secure its own place in the Bitcoin gambling world? Apparently so. Duckdice actually has a lot of features, most of which are quite enticing for the average Bitcoin gambler, such as the “auto” betting mode. Players can change the settings to tell the bot how it should run to their own specifications.

You don’t need to wait for confirmations on the bitcoin network to start playing with less than 0.01BTC/1LTC/10000DOGE.

The minimum payout is 0.001 BTC
A transaction fee of 0.0002 BTC will be deducted
All pending deposits need to have 6 confirmations

The betting interface allows users to switch between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies quickly. The site tells the player how many rolls the bot made, their bankroll and their profit. A leaderboard underneath the betting interface always displays how much profit the player has made that session, for each type of coin.The site is provably fair , and it contains a page which explains the provably fair concept and how to verify it. The house edge is 1% with a maximum payout of 99 and a minimum payout of 1.01. One game is available: Classic Roll.

The welcome bonus offers a whopping 120% match up to 2BTC, 200LTC, 2000000 DOGE on first deposits of 0.01BTC, 1LTC, 10000 DOGE or more. This bonus can be played out on the dice game. A 50x wagering of the bet amount is required. The best part of this bonus, is that you can cancel it at any time. To get this bonus, register, make a first deposit on and click CLAIM on the bonuses page.
There are three other bonuses offered to players:
50% RELOAD BONUS – for every new deposits of 0.01BTC, 1LTC, 10000DOGE or more.
SIGNUP BONUS – 3000 DOGE giveaway to all new users.
BITCOIN FAUCET – click “Faucet”, solve the captcha and get 1000 Satoshis to roll the dice.

Duck dice has a built-in IRC chat room which allows gamblers to converse and help each others as they bet, which is always great to see. And there is a contact form if you have any question or problem.

Overall, Duckdice provides an original and ducky way to roll the dice. If you are a crypto-gambler and fancy amusement as well as betting, you are assured to spend a good time wagering coins on this online casino.

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Write a review

Reviews 87

Email misconfiguration

the best dice site in my opinion…

the best dice site in my opinion custemer service is fast and all that work there are nice and friendly.i won $542 from «faucet» (free 30 cent in crypto)

They changed inputs while gambling

They changed inputs while gambling, lost BTC, scammy website be careful

what inputs?
The issue we have received from earlier is: I GAMBLED AN AMOUNT TOO HIGH FOR ME TOO FAST PLEASE REFUND ME

No issue with inputs has been mentioned.

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  • Сол Казино
    Сол Казино

    1 место по бонусам и Джекпотам! Моментальные выплаты.

  • Фрэш Казино
    Фрэш Казино

    Весенний дизайн и огромные бонусы! Быстрые выплаты!

If you want a real chance at winning play here!

I’ve been a consistent player at duck dice for about 3 years now and I can say this in 3 years they have never let me down! They are hands down the most generous gambling site with the best odds you’ll ever get anywhere gambling! They They truly give u a fighting chance to win big here and it’s jus a whole lot more fun when your playing somewhere that the owners aren’t consumed by greed and they truly care about there customers like duck dice does! They have a sort of vip program that the higher level players can be a part of and they have been insanely generous to me as a vip and treat me like family thanks for all the fun duck dice! I’ll be playing here for ever!

Great platform

Great platform, great faucets and bonuses,fun and interesting chat rooms with fair and decent mods and admins. An overall 5 star experience

very Good

very Good, I’m satisfied
i love you

Everytime i write a good review i get…

Everytime i write a good review i get negitive feedback was muted today for asking the mod why i cant deposit my deposit addy wont load she ignored me then when i said a whole mod here playing dumb then im mute

This site is great Only reason I play…

This site is great Only reason I play anywhere else is because I get affiliate commissions on other sites and go there to use up that balance.

AAA++ Support! Honestly Best Support I’ve Ever Dealt With For Anything!

I must say, whoever you guys have doing the e-mail support tickets is honestly THE BEST! They ALWAYS respond to my questions/requests in a very timely manner, and have always stayed completely 100% High Quality! I have literally 0 complaints about this support experience. I actually wish i could do more to help show how much I appreciate and love the DuckDice E-mail Support staff

the best crpyto online casino not just…

the best crpyto online casino not just the game but also the staff of duckdice, very satisfied

u tricked me as i withdraw whole amount…

its so very clear how these people cheat us. its a dam cycle of wons that only happen when you have us about most year cash then they make you win never goin over you money. they will do this twice so its easy for the computer to remember the first number wotch is ur ampunt. but dont be fooled, on all these casinos, u only get to win ones acordong to the number of money u put in. if you dont put a lot or you just dont put enough or u are too careful , they just dont care and the computer will never let you win. ITS A DAM COMPUTEER!! WHY THE HELL WOULD THEY MAKE YOU WIN, OTS ALL PSYCOLOGY TO MAKE U PLAY MORE AND ONES YOU GOT IT IN UR HEAD Y CAN WON THE FIRST TOME !! UL ALWAYS TRY TI FIUND IT BUT NEVER

Customer support is great

Customer support is great . Honestly the best I have experienced anywhere as far as online casinos go . Very fast to answer questions or help in any possible way.

Hands down the best dice site and in…

Hands down the best dice site and in the running for best support for any website i have ever had to deal with

DD DaBest

They always do the right thing by me and super friendly customer service, leaves you feeling respected and that any issue that you may be having is or will be worked on.

Duckdice always pays out and they pay…

Duckdice always pays out and they pay out instantly. nice interface and nice people in the chat. bonusses on duckdice i think are not very good. For example: On duckdice i have 51,5 btc wagered(profit -0.4 btc) and got only 0.04 btc back and some faucets which i cannot even claim because i need to wait 15 minutes between every faucet so it will take me like 14 hours a day to claim them all. Then on primedice i have 62,6 btc wagered (profit -0.38 btc) and with 1 click they instantly payed me back 0.24 btc rakeback so thats something else. But maybe i do underestimate those faucets.

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  • Сол Казино
    Сол Казино

    1 место по бонусам и Джекпотам! Моментальные выплаты.

  • Фрэш Казино
    Фрэш Казино

    Весенний дизайн и огромные бонусы! Быстрые выплаты!

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