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Betfair Casino Affiliates Program

There’s no questioning the fact that Betfair Sports is the best performing and most recognisable brand on the Betfair affiliate program but what does the Betfair Casino affiliate program offer affiliates?

Well just as Betfair’s betting exchange offers above average odds as it’s unique selling point, Betfair Casino offers it’s players the chance to play casino games with no house edge.

With so many competing casinos all with some degree of ‘house edge’ being able to promote a casino that doesn’t have one is a great tool to aid with conversions and a clear reason to join the Betfair Casino affiliate program.

The programs’ run on the popular NetRefer platform with Betfair Casino affiliates gaining access to a wide selection of marketing tools to assist with acquisitions.

These include flash banners advertising casino bonuses, casino games, the latest Betfair Casino promotions as well as HTML articles for those looking for extra content.

Reporting on the Betfair Casino affiliate program is excellent with stats on individual referrals, website performance and earnings easily accessed.

Although not as profitable as some of the best casino affiliate programs, the Betfair Casino affiliate program does allow affiliates to promote a product with a unique selling point and is therefore ideal for affiliates looking to increase the range of casinos that they offer visitors.

Betfair Casino Affiliates

Affiliates wishing to add a Betfair Casino affiliation to their gambling related website simply need to open a new account with the Betfair affiliate program.

Joining Betfair Casino affiliates is free and also a quick and easy process and allows affiliates to promote all of Betfairs other brands from the one affiliate program.

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Betfair Affiliate Program Review

Kirill | 2020-08-09 |

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  • Сол Казино
    Сол Казино

    1 место по бонусам и Джекпотам! Моментальные выплаты.

  • Фрэш Казино
    Фрэш Казино

    Весенний дизайн и огромные бонусы! Быстрые выплаты!

Betfair offers their partners an attractive program with hybrid, CPA, and revenue share deals. The brand is home to several exciting products such as a betting exchange, casino, virtual games, and much more. We have reviewed their affiliate program and will show you how to benefit from the best deals.

Betfair Affiliate Program Overview
World’s Best Betting Exchange US Customers excluded
Attractive Betting Promotions Betting Exchange not available everywhere
Great Betting Odds
RS, CPA and Hybrid Deals available
Great Reputation

About Betfair

Betfair was launched in June, 2000, and is the world’s largest legal online betting company operating a betting exchange, a concept which has revolutionized the betting industry. The company was the first to offer players the option to place bets against each other. Betfair enables punters to choose their own odds and bet even after an event has started. Betfair offers a large variety of entertainment services and games such as poker, casino, and arcade.

Currently the company is holding gambling licenses in nine different countries. As of April, 2020, the company had 1,800 employees and more than 950,000 active customers.

They were listed on the London Stock Exchange until merging with Paddy Power on February 2, 2020.

If you own a website and your customers are interested in betting on sports, casino, poker, or arcade games, then the Betfair Affiliate Program is the right place to go. You could be earning commission just by referring your players to Betfair.

You will receive commission on all players you refer to Betfair, either in the form of a percentage of the revenue they generate or as a one-off (CPA) bounty payment.

Betfair Affiliate Deal Details

The Betfair Affiliate Program provides customers and players with highly attractive margins and custom tailored deals. These deals have been developed to fit your needs so that you can perfectly advertise the world’s leading sports betting exchange.

If you decide to sign-up with the Betfair Affiliate Program through us you will enjoy several unique benefits. We let you choose from three different types of commission structures for your business. Currently there are hybrid deals, CPA deals, and revenue share deals for you. All three options have their benefits and you can choose what’s best for you.

The Betfair Affiliate Program provides members with highly attractive margins and even custom tailored deals which fit your needs.

Our revenue share deal includes all Betfair products. As we have already mentioned above, there are several different products available at Betfair besides their sports betting exchange. They implemented a regular bookmaking service a couple of years in addition to poker and hundreds of casino and live casino games. On top of that there are also virtual games, bingo, arcade, and exchange games. As you can see there are lots of exciting features which make Betfair even more attractive for a lot of potential customers.

By default we are offering you 35% revenue share or 0.3% turnover with no negative carry over. That means that eventual negative commissions will not be carried over to the next month so there is no chance that you will go into debt.

We are also running CPA and hybrid deals. If you are interested in these alternative options, please contact us so that we can work something out.

Betfair Welcome Offer & Promotions

Even though Betfair may not run a lot of sports betting promotions for their sports betting exchange there are still some key benefits which are not available at any other bookmaker. The exchange is a platform where players can submit and set their own odds. Betfair implemented a unique Lay and Back betting system which allows players to bet against each other.

Betfair themselves are not offering any betting odds in the betting exchange, which means that the margins players have to pay is rather low compared to other bookmakers. They only charge players if they are winning bets.

BetFair €100 Free Bets

Betfair customers can also place bets with their regular bookmaking service. The company is offering odds for tons of sporting events and they are also running exciting sports betting promotions.

Upon signing up with Betfair players can claim €100 in free bets. This offer is currently available to customers from the UK and Ireland.

Betfair New Customer Welcome Bonus

Make sure to use our promotional code ‘ZBBC01 ′ when signing up and deposit a total of €10 either by debit/credit card or PayPal (please note, e-wallets are excluded).

Then, you will need to place a single bet (minimum stake €10) at odds of at least 1.2 within 30 days of opening your account (exchange bets are also excluded from this promotion).

Betfair Existing Customers Promotions

Below you can find an overview of all currently available sports betting promotions for existing customers. Please take into consideration that Betfair is constantly updating their promotional offers. Therefore you should check their promotions overview to provide your players with the best offers.

  • Cash Out – You can cash out your placed bets on many events even before the match has finished.
  • Acca Edge – If one selection of your 3-folds or higher lets you down, you will get your initial stake refunded. Acca Edge is available on all sports and markets, including In-Play bets.
  • Double Winnings – Place a pre-match Correct Score bet on the selected Premier League fixtures- if it is a draw at half time, your winnings will be doubled on that match. The maximum stake is £/€10.
  • Betfair Live Streams – Betfair is also running a dedicated live streaming service. The bookmaker offers live coverage for tons of different games and events on a daily basis.

Additional Affiliate Benefits

Besides the above mentioned promotions, we are also able to offer some additional private affiliate benefits. We have been working with Betfair for a long time and have a decent relationship with their affiliate department staff.

This allows us to create exclusive promotional offers in cooperation with Betfair. We are obviously keen on providing you with the best-possible deals and that’s exactly why we are also running some exclusive promotions for our VIP-bet customers!

Custom promotional offers can be created for you upon request. Please let us know if you would like to run a specific promotion and we will help you to set it up. Promotions include benefits such as exclusive betting bonuses, reload bonus offers, and cashback for your players.

By joining our Betfair affiliates deal you will automatically be in touch with a personal account manager. That will dramatically improve communication with the bookmaker so that you won’t have to wait for answers.

Betfair Affiliate Payment Methods

Betfair offers you a large variety of payment methods to choose from. The company is processing transactions really fast and is well known for their fair and quick withdrawal policy. Betfair is a huge company and therefore it’s no surprise that they take financial issues really seriously.

Payment Method Deposit Fee Minimum Deposit Withdrawal Fee Processing Time
Free €10 €5 3-5 working days
1.5% €10 Free 2-7 working days
1.5% €10 Not available for cashouts
1.5% €12 Free Instant
Free €10 Free Up to 24 hours
1.5% €5 Free 6-24 hours
2.5% €15 Not available for cashouts

Betfair Affiliate Marketing Materials

In order to promote the Betfair brand, you will probably need marketing materials such as logos, banners, mailers, articles, and further content assets. Don’t hesitate to ask your personal support at VIP-bet and we will provide you with the marketing materials of your choice.

Betfair Restricted Countries

Due to the legal situation of sports betting in certain countries, some affiliate partners are excluded from participating in the Betfair Affiliates Program. You may not join the program if you are residing in one of the following countries: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Israel, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Greece, Iran, Japan, Lebanon, Thailand, and Turkey.

Contact Us to Discuss Custom Betfair Affiliates Deals!

We aim to provide our partners with tailor-made deals to help you elevate your business. You can join our revenue share program which will provide you with the highest margins in the industry. However, you can also opt-in to go for an alternative deal instead.

Please contact us to discuss individual deals and custom rates including CPA and hybrid deals.


Betfair — это веб-платформа для азартных игр, которая считается крупнейшим в мире обменом ставок в Интернете. Еепродукты включают в себя услуги Sportsbook, онлайн-покер, онлайн-казино и онлайн-бинго. Компания была основана в 2000 году и имеет штаб-квартиру в Лондоне, Великобритания. С момента своего основания компания получила около 400 миллионов фунтов стерлингов, а ее прибыль превысила отметку в 60 миллионов фунтов стерлингов в год. Когда рынок ставок растет с каждым днем, Betfair смотрит на светлое будущее и будет получать прибыль в течение многих лет.

Офферы Betfair

Betfair имеет активную партнерскую программу, которая дает 30% комиссионных доходов. Чтобы заработать эту комиссию, вы должны продвигать Betfair в своей аудитории блога и привлекать игроков к игре на Betfair. Более того, вы можете зарабатывать доход на своих игроках, что означает, что до тех пор, пока ваши рефералы продолжают играть на Betfair, вы всегда будете получать комиссионные с их вкладов. Эта программа является одной из лучших партнерских программ в сети, и если у вас есть веб-сайт, который привлекает много трафика, вам стоит рассмотреть возможность подписаться на эту программу.

Как начать зарабатывать с партнерской программой Betfair

Если у вас есть веб-сайт, который получает много трафика с течением времени, вам следует рассмотреть возможность подписаться на эту партнерскую программу и заработать эти соблазнительные комиссии. Ваша заявка на участие в партнерской программе будет выполняться партнерскими партнерами Betfair, и после того, как она будет одобрена в программе, вы начнете зарабатывать комиссионные при условии, что вы будете использовать хорошие маркетинговые стратегии на своей веб-странице.

Когда ваша заявка будет одобрена, вам будут предоставлены соответствующие маркетинговые инструменты для участия вас в качестве партнера. Betfair предоставит профессионально разработанные рекламные объявления, такие как уникальные баннеры, медийные объявления и другие партнерские ссылки, чтобы повысить производительность в качестве партнера. Профессионально созданные рекламные объявления являются эффективными инструментами, которые могут помочь улучшить коэффициент конверсии, тем самым принося вам довольно много — когда придет дата платежа.

Каковы преимущества работы с партнерской программой Betfair?

Главное преимущество заключается в том, что он дает вам возможность получать деньги с помощью вашей веб-страницы. Все, что вам нужно сделать, — это продвигать Betfair среди своих посетителей и убеждать их осуществлять свои азартные игры на Betfair. Вы будете получать 30% комиссионных от всех упомянутых игроков, а доход за всю жизнь выплачивается каждый раз, когда ваши рефералы начисляют наличные деньги на Betfair. Более того, как партнер Betfair, у вас будет доступ к системе поддержки 24/7, которая поможет вам во всех вопросах аффилированного маркетинга, и у вас никогда не будет трудного времени с Betfair.

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    Сол Казино

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