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Casino Bonuses

Punting makes you ecstatic and winning boosts your bankroll. But, what if there are other rewards that could add zest to your game and tot up to your winnings? Higher roller or casual player, you definitely deserve to be showered with casino bonus money. After all, what good is a casino without the perks of punting?

India’s Best casino bonuses online

  • Get up to ₹ 100,000 Free

How to Claim The Best Casino Bonuses Online

Whether you rely on sheer Lady Luck or great skills to win at a casino game, there’s no saying no to bonuses. Lofty rewards do not just add flavor to your casino game, but also offer you a bankroll that could buy you an island someday! Whether you are a slot lover or blackjack enthusiast, whether you enjoy the perplexity of poker or the rage of roulette, you would always welcome bonuses with arms wide open and grab with both hands.

However, online casinos overflow with a mind-boggling number of promotional perks, freebies, and handouts. The volume is so large new players could be left overwhelmed and experienced ones spoilt for choice. To dismiss the complexities, has come up with recommendations for the best casino bonuses online. You can claim one by simply signing up with one of the top 4 casinos mentioned above or browse through the casino bonus list below.

casino bonus list

  • Get up to ₹ 100,000 Free
  • Skrill & Neteller
  • skrill, neteller and PayPal

Claim The Best Casino Bonuses In India

This web resource has been specifically built to help Indian online casino goers find bonuses that befit them. From welcome bonuses to no deposit bonuses to free spins and game-specific perks, you can find everything right here.

The casinos we recommend not only welcome players from the country, but also display bespoke reliability when it comes to promotional offers and in-game rewards. To bring the best online casino bonus in India to avid punters, we at always go that extra mile. How do we do it? – We read the fine print for you. Here is a brief idea:

Size Matters

Time is Money

Size is a good measure of how much a casino bonus can fill your pocket. But, it is of no use if the time period is not adequate. You can have a 1000 INR bonus amplifiable to 100 times and have only 24 hours to do it. This isn’t remotely possible. It is simply a lure to get you in the game. At, we go above and beyond to find casino bonuses with reasonable time period so you can play in peace and land great winnings as well.

Get More For Less

Playthrough and bonus match percentage manifest a casino’s worth. The former determines after how many deposits you can withdraw winnings. The latter specifies the bonus amount you’d receive upon wagering. If it’s a 100% match with a wagering requirement of 50X, you need to wager 50 times to win a bonus equal to your bet amount. We find out the best possible combinations of match percentage and playthroughs so you win more with less effort and money.

Negotiations Equal Max Profit

We kept this for the end so you remember the kind of effort that goes into getting you the best bonuses available in Indian online casinos. At, we are able negotiators. We look for win-win situations to make sure you receive better welcome offers from the casino operators we recommend. This also means our list of casino websites and bonuses is pretty exclusive – created with player satisfaction in mind.

Exclusive Welcome Offers

A Welcome Offer is more of a jazzy ‘hello’ from a casino operator to its new user celebrating a signup or first real money deposit. This isn’t just a greeting or a reward; it is also an earnest appeal to the player to remain active on the website. Over the years, welcome bonuses have become an integral part of online gambling – one the casinos on the web do not want to do without. The reason is simple: it is one of the best ways to attract players, help them improve their odds, give a boost to their bankroll and thus, build trust.

While this is a generic concept within the industry, welcome offers vary from one casino to another because of the cutthroat competition. This apart, different players have different tastes based on which their preferences for this bonuses differ, too. This is why it is important to weigh your options before picking one. The bad news is punting could take a backseat while you ponder the possibilities and choices. The good news is can do this bit of work for you. Below is an exclusive list of welcome bonuses offered by select online casino operators in India and recommended by us.

How To Land A Casino Bonus

Bonuses in online casinos do not fall from the sky. You need to earn one with money, strategy, loyalty, and consistency. Putting in the money and learning new strategies is easy. But, being loyal and remaining consistent is the real job. Below are some surefire ways to land a casino bonus online.

Sign up with a new casino

Participate in running campaigns

Subscribe to the casino newsletter

Subscribe to us

We highly recommend you subscribe to While you can go about subscribing to different individual casinos, we are the roof under which you will find the best ones. Our research is thorough and surveys are unbiased so you don’t have to scour for authentic information. In a bid to bring you the latest news on the casino industry, we will also recommend the top deals and bonuses that might interest you.

Be a loyal customer

Why You Should Always Claim the Casino Bonus offers

Every casino website in India is almost always sure to greet you with a welcome bonus when you first sign up or deposit real money. It could be anything – from bonus money to free spins. This one works like that perfect icebreaker that relieves you of the inhibitions and motivates you to start punting.

A welcome offer is also a lucky chance for you to amplify your final winnings and come back for more. And, why just a welcome bonus? Online casinos brim with rewards that come along when you continue punting. It could be a cashback or reload bonus, high roller or goodwill bonus. Casinos on the web always make sure players have the scope to win big.

The question is should you claim your casino bonus or should you let it go? Is it worth your while? Is it a gimmick or just a stroke of luck? Apprehensions, we understand. Nevertheless, we at suggest you never miss an opportunity to claim your casino bonus online.

3 Reasons Why You Need To Claim A Casino Bonus

If It’s Free, Why Not?

Welcome bonus without the need to deposit real money or the associated wagering requirements is pure bliss. This is free money you are getting just to show up! You should grab it with both hands.

Play Often, Play Longer!

Even if you have already set a budget to wager, some extra cash never harms. Bonuses added to your casino account contribute to a fatter bankroll and offer more time on games without having to risk your own money.

Rake In The Moolah!

However, There Are Exceptions

You Have Won, But The Casino Won’t Pay You

If an online casino does not allow you to withdraw your bonus amount even if you have won it, it is no use claiming it. Not all casinos can afford to give money to new players straight away. There could be wagering requirements associated.

The Wagering Requirements Are Unrealistic

There are casino bonuses that come with wagering requirements that are impossible to meet and bonus terms that cannot be agreed to. As such, claiming a bonus becomes a far-fetched dream that is not worth dreaming.

Exceptions Don’t Make A Rule

Everything You Need To Know About Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements are a set of rules that determine when a player can withdraw winnings from his casino account. In mathematical terms, it is a multiplier that stands for the cumulative monetary amount or playthrough that must be wagered and the minimum number of times a wager must be placed to claim the winnings.

For instance, if an online casino offers a bonus of 100 INR for an online deposit of 100 INR and a wagering requirement of 10X, wagering would work in any of the two ways depending on the online casino’s terms and conditions:

Wagering Requirement X Casino Bonus

=> 10 X 100 = 1000 INR

Wagering Requirement X (Deposit + Casino Bonus)

=> 10 X (100 + 100) = 2000 INR

In addition to this, wagering requirements also mention the time period in which you have to complete the wagering to claim the winnings and the maximum bet you can claim the bonus for.

What’s Fair?

  • Wagering requirement ranging between 20X – 35X your bonus amount.
  • Only bonus funds locked for wagering.
  • A minimum time period of 30 days to complete the wagering.
  • Casino games contributing to wagering (although this is not a common measure).

What’s Unfair?

  • Wagering requirement above 40X your bonus amount.
  • Bonus and deposit, both locked for wagering
  • A time period less than 30 days to complete the wagering
  • Casino games not contributing to wagering (although this is not an absolute measure).

Casino Games Contribute To The Wagering Differently

Some casino games contribute 100% while others only 5%. And then there are others that do not contribute at all. The terms vary from casino to casino, but the fundamentals remain the same. Here is a brief overview of how different casino games usually contribute to wagering requirements:

Slots 100% Blackjack 10%
Roulette 5% Baccarat 5%
Video Poker 30% Texas Hold’em 10%
Casino Hold’em 10% Oasis Poker 10%
Table Games 10% All Other Games 100%

What Is A Casino Bonus?

When an online casino offers you something extra aside your winnings, it is called a bonus. It can be anything – real money, free spins, cashbacks, or other in-game rewards. If the bonus is in cash, the amount adds up to your winnings and can be withdrawn from your casino account easily. If it isn’t, it can be used while playing to improve your odds of winning.

A casino bonus is another way of attracting new players and encouraging the existing ones to keep punting. It could be a warm reception for a rookie and even admiration for a veteran player. They could be a token of appreciation for a high roller or a gesture of goodwill for a player who has lost it all.

Every bonus awarded is subject to specific terms and conditions which a player must understand before accepting. Casino bonuses online might be affected by factors such as wagering requirements and restrictions placed on withdrawal. They may come associated with the obligation to make a deposit or without it.

Whatever be their type they are always sought after. Bonuses make a fun way for punters to play a game for longer without risking their own money. This is why they are rarely abandoned or left unclaimed. However, accepting a bonus in an online casino game depends purely on personal preferences and the player’s bankroll.


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R12,000 Play Now 2 Punt R10,000 Play Now 3 ZAR Casino R15,000+100 FS Play Now

AstroPay was established in 2009 with its headquarters in London, UK. Compared to many other e-wallets is it one of the few that concentrates on Latin America. In short is AstroPay a virtual prepaid card that is accepted at all gambling platforms that stipulates themselves as an AstroPay casino. Aside from the convenience and speed of this deposit method is the added advantage which allows you to predetermine what your gambling budget is for a period. The advantages are numerous as your personal accounts and details are in no way linked to your AstroPay card once you loaded funds to the virtual card.

Paying with AstroPay at Online Casinos

After registering at the AstroPay casino you will be taken to your banking section where you need to choose preferred deposit option. Under the payment method, choose AstroPay Card. Follow this by entering your 16-digit virtual card number, the expiry date and security code. You will receive an immediate confirmation of payment. More online casinos add AstroPay as a payment option with zero additional fees attached while the minimum deposit would depend on the specific casino. The downside as mentioned elsewhere is that AstroPay can ONLY be used to make a deposit, thus when making a withdrawal make sure you have an option ready for funding back to your account.

Accepted currencies and countries

As a card that is used by South Americans only you will find many online casinos offer only AstroPay when gamblers live in regions like:

  • Venezuela
  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica
  • Columbia
  • Chile
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Turkey
  • Greece
  • Uruguay
  • Indonesia
  • China
  • Japan

The advantage that many countries including South Africa has is the fact that in recent years has AstroPay extended to other countries too, while many others are still excluded. This is a good sign as more countries might be on the AstroPay developer’s horizon.


AstroPay Card Casino Bonuses

You should be on the lookout for AstroPay Card deposit bonuses when registering at an online casino. Various online gambling platforms offer deposit bonuses that are linked to the banking method used. One in particular, is Poker Stars casino. When you make your first deposit at Poker Stars using your AstroPay Card you get an additional $10 added to your account.

How To Open an AstroPay card

To get an AstroPay Card is very fast and easy. No need to expose any financial or personal details online. You can do it two ways either through registration online or download the AstroPay app. Use the and register as a new user. You need to fill in your name and email address after which you receive a link via email. Click the link and you are taken back to AstroPay website. Here you fill in your details like country, address and telephone number.
Once this quick registration is completed without you entering any banking details you can choose the card denomination of choice. The minimum amount you can choose is $10 going up to $1000. It would depend on which country you are purchasing the card from, but now you will have options as to how you wish to fund your prepaid card. For example, directly from your bank account or e-wallets like Neteller or even Bitcoin, etc.

When you are living in a country like South Africa for example where AstroPay is not acceptable, you can still register, however only when trying to fund your card will you be turned down. Other accepted countries continue this step and a few minutes later their card is funded with the desired amount. You will know your virtual card is active when you get a confirmation email with all your card details as well as available funds.

AstroPay App

The AstroPay Card App is available for free on both the Apple app store and Google Play. It supports all mobile devices and tablets and you will register your app as explained above before commencing your card purchases.

Does the AstroPay Card Expire

Your card will be valid for 12 months or for as long as there are funds on it

Can I use the same card more than once?

Yes, when you fund your card and used half or whichever amount and there is still money on it, you can continue to use it as many times as you wish. You do not need to use it in one online casino only, as the same card can be used on different site multiple times.

How many cards can I buy?

You can buy more than one card and the number of cards depends on the country you live in.

Can I merge more than one AstroPay Card?

If you have a card with for example $10 and you need additional funding you can buy another card and merge the funds. You can have several cards with money on and you can still merge them with the latest card as long as it hasn’t expired.

Can I reload my AstroPay Card?

No, an AstroPay card cannot be reloaded but funds merged as explained above.

What currencies do the card support?

AstroPay support only USD, however, it supports various currencies which will be subjected to currency exchange when you transfer funds from your banking option to your prepaid card.

Do I pay any fees when depositing at an online casino?

From registration through to buying your desired amount of prepaid money is the process free. Paying online and at online casinos, you will pay zero fees or commissions.

Online Casinos Accepting AstroPay Card

Royal Panda

This online platform uses software from top providers like Thunderkick, NetEnt, Microgaming and Evolution Gaming. As an online casino with a user-friendly interface, over 200 games, including live casino, mobile platform, good support and banking does it accept AstroPay too. the minimum deposit with your virtual card is $25 while withdrawing is obviously not possible. You can withdraw using other methods like credit and debit card, bank wire etc.


Casumo casino has an excellent pay-out rate of 98.5, excellent bonus, instant play option, live chat, mobile play and excellent range of games. A wide variety of providers like Play’n’Go, Quickspin, Microgaming and many more provide the more than 300 games. Casumo is in addition an AstroPay casino.

1xSlots Casino

1xSlots has a massive gaming library with noteworthy software providers, excellent mobile platform, great support while accepting AstroPay.


PlayFrank has superior support, exciting live dealer casino, massive games library from top developers, available across all platform with great mobile play, excellent bonuses, while also accepting AstroPay

Pros And Cons Of AstroPay On Online Casinos

Pros Cons
Guaranteed 100% safe Only available in Latin America
Flexible limits Gamblers cannot use AstroPay to make a withdrawa
Instant deposits
Numerous currencies supported
Zero additional costs and 100% free payment methods
Simple and fast to obtain
You have full control over spending at online casinos with funds that are predetermined since AstroPay is a prepaid card
Anonymous payments

AstroPay in South Africa Currently

Unfortunately, AstroPay is currently not available for use in South Africa.

AstroPay Alternatives For South Africans


South Africans have this option which was developed especially for them in ZAR. It acts as a middleman between your SA casino and regular bank. It is a credit-card-free, convenient and safe online payment solution accepted by most South African gambling sites.


The former Moneybookers that is now known as Skrill has been online since 2001 and a top choice for South African players to fund their casino accounts. It links directly to your bank account and/or debit or credit card from your Skrill account. Online gamblers find it an attractive alternative since no sensitive financial information is shared online. More than forty currencies and over 200 countries including South Africa use this trusted method.


Visa is the issuer of EntroPay which acts as a virtual credit card and works like your regular debit card. It is fast, safe and discreet and it allows you to make both deposits and withdrawals and acts as the buffer between the online casino and regular bank.


You will find most online casinos accept Neteller and it includes South Africa. Simply open a Neteller account and add funds from your bank account to Neteller.


Link your South African bank account such as FNB with PayPal for secure transactions


A popular method used by South Africans who do not use e-wallets is their regular bank cards. Almost all online gambling platforms accept this form of deposit and withdrawal, with instant deposits and withdrawals taking up to five days depending on your specific bank

AstroPay Safety and Security For Gambling Transactions

Players have peace of mind that none of their personal and banking details are shared online and zero risks of exposure. AstroPay complies with strict banking regulations with all information 100% protected. Players enter their AstroPay card number, CVV code and its expiry date while no banking information, credit card or names are required. As a virtual prepaid card, you have full control on how much funds you want to allocate to your online gambling.

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    • 1818 год — в присутствии царской фамилии и при многочисленном стечении народа на Красной площади открыт памятник Кузьме Минину и князю Дмитрию Пожарскому. Скульптор И.Мартос работал над памятником десять лет, выиграв открытый конкурс еще в 1808 году. Скульптор изобразил момент, когда Кузьма Минин, указывая рукой на Москву, вручает князю Пожарскому старинный меч и призывает его встать во главе русского войска. Опираясь на щит, раненый воевода приподнимается со своего ложа, что символизирует пробуждение народного самосознания в трудный для Отечества час. Памятник планировалось установить к 200-летию героических событий, однако этому помешало нашествие армии Наполеона. После войны деньги собирали по подписке в Нижнем Новгороде — на родине Минина. Открытие памятника сопровождалось парадом гвардии. Пушкин писал Л.Вяземскому, как один мужик говорил другому: «Смотри, какие в старину были великаны! Нынче народ омелел». Первоначально памятник располагался напротив нынешнего мавзолея. Но в советские времена он мешал военным парадам, и в 1930 году его передвинули к собору Василия Блаженного.
    • 1917 год — министр иностранных дел Временного правительства П. Милюков публично объявил о целях России в Первой мировой войне: создание Чехословакии и Югославии, аннексия западноукраинских земель и Константинополя, контроль над Босфорским проливом и Дарданеллами.
    • 1961 год — на полигоне в районе озера Балхаш проведены успешные испытания первой в мире системы ПРО. Это было огомное хозяйство, состоявшее из сети радиолокаторов, станции передачи команд управления, главного командно-вычислительного пункта и стартовой позиции противоракет. Главный радар с 15-метровой чашей антенны обнаруживал вражескую ракету за 1200 километров и выдавал данные трем локаторамв наведения. Дальность до цели измерялась с погрешностью не более 5 метров. Двухступенчатая противоракета В-1000 развивала небывалую для того времени скорость – 1000 метров в секунду. Подрыв заряда производился на высоте более 25 километров и создавал на пути цели «облако» из маленьких стальных шариков.
    • Целые сутки поисковики добирались к месту падения боеголовки. Убедившись в том, что головная часть ракеты-мишени поражена осколками противоракеты, главный конструктор Григорий Кисунько отправил в Кремль шифротелеграмму: «Впервые в отечественной и мировой практике продемонстрировано поражение средствами ПРО головной части баллистической ракеты на траектории ее полета». В США перехват межконтинентальной баллистической ракеты осуществили в 1965 году — ядерным зарядом. И только 10 июня 1984 году американцы смогли повторить успех русских — уничтожить боеголовку ракеты неядерным взрывом.
    • 1966 год — в Краснодоне расстрелян И.Мельников — бывший немецкий полицай, участник арестов и пыток членов подпольной организации «Молодая гвардия». «Я пошел в полицию добровольно, — показал он во время следствия. — Меня никто не принуждал. Нас было 20-25 полицаев. На что я надеялся, и сам не знаю. Немцы пришли в Краснодон, и дней через пять я пришел в полицию». Мельников участвовал в допросах молодогвардейцев, избивал их плетью с металлическим наконечником, подвешивал к потолку, выкалывал глаза раскаленной иглой, расстреливал. В 1944 году сумел обмануть следователя фильтрационного лагеря и был призван в ряды Советской Армии. Зачислен в 596-й стрелковый полк пулеметчиком. На фронте Мельников получил осколочное ранение черепа и был награжден медалью «За отвагу». Демобилизовался в ноябре 1945 года, двадцать лет работал колхозным бригадиром в Одесской области, там и был арестован. Бывший полицай обжаловал приговор в Верховном суде УССР: «Я был и есть неграмотный, темный человек, ибо если бы я был немного развит и обогащен политически, то я на этот гнусный поступок не пошел бы».

    [Этот день в Истории!]


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